Friday, July 6, 2012

Garassu no Kamen Chapter 31

seperti biasa, mengisi waktu luang tanpa bengong, akhirnya buka page murasaki no bara no yume  , seperti sebelumnya chapter 31 ini tanpa menampilkan Masumi Hayami :( yang masih ngeksis si Ayumi dan Hamilton ( fotografer yg naksir sm Ayumi Himekawa). Sayangnya betsuhana edisi Bidadari Merah bersambungnya masih lama lagi yaitu waktu Musim Gugur nanti.

It's night in the apartment of Ayumi. It's raining and she's focused on the flame of a candle and thinking "if I move the air that is blowing ...
The fire of the four elements of the Scarlet Goddess, the air...If the Scarlet Goddess moves even the natural world (the elements) move!" So Ayumi begins to grasp that her Scarlet Goddess so far had not caught the movement of the spirits ... and ... thinks that she has to understand it at all costs.
The scene changes to Rei who is in her apartment in pajamas and talking to Sayaka, and Maya is still at the rehearsals. Rei talks about the fact that it is difficult to live with Maya at the moment as she is different (in the sense that she seems to speak to Akoya and not to Maya). She then wonders if this time Maya will manage to do it.
Switching to Maya who is exercising in the rehearsal room to express the change from Akoya to the spirit of plum tree. She's exercising like crazy because she thinks that she is rigid and that she cannot compete with Ayumi (in practice the summary of what was said before).
Maya's aware that she didn't have enough grace with her Goddess move, so hopefully she seeks for professional help. Hijiri told to Masumi about Maya's problem with her Goddess movements. Masumi overheard Maya worrying about her Goddess movements on the rehearsals place. Masumi sent her to see the Indian dancer so that Maya can learn to lighten her body and move more quietly.

We move to the next morning at the rehearsals of the company where Ayumi is out in the garden and steps into a puddle and it ripples, at which point Ayumi realizes the "moving water" and thinks that "if I move the whole world moves!" Ayumi finally seems to have understood something. She goes away before the rest of the cast and returns to her home. She's in her room with a lighted candle in the dark and here again it is more of the same "if I move, the focus moves." In short, it seems that ayumi is grasping something but apparently there is lightning or thunder and Ayumi.
accidentally at this point drops the candle without realizing and immediately a fire starts around her yet our fearless wonder woman is sitting there trying to grasp the Crimson Goddess and finally seems to understand it.
From outside Hamil, reluctant to leave the apartment, walks near the entrance and at that very moment the fire alarm sounds and he runs into ayumi's room together with the guardian and finds Ayumi/Scarlet Angel surrounded by flames.


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my_habibie said...

makasih yaa.., blognya saya bookmarks lho, biar bisa update terus sama garrassu no kamen. gak susah2 ngubek di dunia maya.. heee.. thks U so much!

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