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Betsuhana Chapter 26 (Version 1)

hello para pecinta Masumi Hayami dan Maya Kitajima.... :D
searching searching di forum murasaki-no-bara-no-yume ternyata ada tentang Betsuhana yg ke 26 ... ada yang posting blog penulisnya (kalo gak salah) boleh jg tuuh di cek (sopo yg mau ngcek?)disini
dan ada juga yg posting exsumnya dalam bahasa italiano di forum ini ... berbekal google transalator di dapatkan lah secara garis besarnya ... paling gak gak terlalu penasaran dengan kelanjutan cerita bidadari merah :D

The chapter begins where we left the last one.
We have Sakurakoji, acting as Isshin, has to cut the plum tree, which implies Akoya’s death.
”What would I do if I were Isshin?” Sakurakoji wonders. Maya is waiting worried: Sakurakoji/Isshin is coming to cut her!
He advances while the other members of the cast look at him worried thinking that climbing over the boxes with the crutches and the axe is craziness , but then he throw away the crutches and climb over the boxes pain stricken: every step he makes is a pang. He look up at Maya: “Akoya…” Staring at her he wonders what happened between Maya and Mr. Hayami, who she hated so much. Sakurakoji has always cared for Maya, so he was willing to wait until she would seriously notice him. She should have realized his feelings for her, then why?!
Maya is thinking that this is the first time she see him having such expression. She wonders if he’s angry, if he hates her… No, that’s not so… His expression is full of sadness and pain… why?!
Maya, as Akoya, shouts Sakurakoji/Isshin not to step further, or she’ll have to kill him. He, as Isshin, replies that he couldn’t wish for more: it is better to die that seeing her die because of him. “Akoya, is that you for real? Tell me you being the thousand years old plum tree’s soul is a lie!” keeps acting Sakurakoji/Isshin. where is now the sweet chaste Akoya, the other half of his soul, whose proximity was enough for him to realize they belonged together? “I’ve never even thought to suspect of your heart… I thought you were only looking at me….” Sakurakoji keeps acting shocked.
On hearing that Kuronuma start with fright and then Maya realizes that, as she thought, Sakurakoji must know something.
Sakurakoji/Isshin shouts Maya/Akoya to move, he has a mission: he has to carve the Goddess’ statue in order to achieve the peace in the world.
“So do you want to cut the thousand years old plum tree and be in service with the men?” Maya/Akoya asks sad. then she transforms into the Crimson Goddess. “Life is in every thing, men are not the only one who have life, but they’re the only ones who bring chaos into the world!”
The other actors wince seeing Maya/Akoya transforming into the Crimson Goddess. Then the Goddess shows her anger using a gust of wind and Sakurakoji is shocked because it was like he really felt it. It’s incredible: is that Maya’s Goddess?! The wind keeps coming from the Goddes… no it’s just an illusion. It’s the result of Maya’s acting. Sakurakoji wonders what he has been seeing into Maya up until now, then he continues to climb over the boxes, now determined. he doesn’t want to lose, as an actor he doesn’t want to be inferior than her. He’ll live on the stage as Isshin without stooping to compromises. that’s his challenge.

The scene changes to Ayumi who has gone to the hospital for an eye-control. Thanks to the injections she does not feel sick and have headaches anymore, but her sight is getting worse and worse o the point that she can’t recognize how many fingers the doctor shows her. He insists that she goes under surgery soon, or she’ll lose her sight and there are no guarantees she could wait till the rehearsal, but Ayumi refuses. She’d rather wait till the end of the rehearsal even if she could lose her sight and ruin her actress career. She promises she’ll go to the hospital for controls frequently, but the doctor insists that she’s making a risky bet and she could lose the stage forever. Ayumi replies that then she’ll try to bet for a miracle and begs the doctor to help her keep going till the rehearsal. It is enough for her to be able to hardly see the lights. While she’s taking the car out of the hospital, a mother with her child recognize her.
She arrives at Ondine’s tryouts where everybody is exited knowing she’ll act with them again. While she’s walking in the corridor, she tries to quiet down telling herself nobody will notice her blindness, then someone calls her. She turns to that voice surprised and recognizes it is the voice of Hamil, who has just taken a photo at Ayumi. She replies bothered to his greeting then leaves rapidly. Hamil stares at the picture he has just taken and winces realizing something.
There’s now a large number of journalists into the hall anxious to see Ayumi acting but they are sent away. It’s the first time something like that actually happens so they are all surprised but disappointed. Onodera remember Akame to keep the secret about Ayumi’s sight condition, because if they reveal her blindness, the rehearsal will be on the line.
The tryouts begin and even if everything is out of focus, Ayumi thinks she’ll be able to hang in there without letting slip a single noise or sensation. All the actors can’t wait to see Ayumi’s special training results but when she begin acting with a dignified grave appearance they all wince. Is that Ayumi’s new Crimson Goddess?! It’s like she’s wearing a mask. She’s standing bareli moving her head. Why doesn’t she jump like she did before?! Her other Crimson Goddess version was way more brilliant! But this Crimson Goddess has something enchanting... the fact that she’s motionless and inexpressive makes her more… “mysterious”. Akame admires Ayumi’s ability to hide her blindness and use it in her acting: she’s a true genius! Hamil watches her carefully at her from the end of the room.
But then Ayumi’s eyes get totally blind so she can only count on noises and the shadows she can barely see. The scene they’re acting is the scene where Akame as Isshin is frantically search for Akoya who’s actually there but he can’t see or hear her.
The Goddess is worried an the other gods grab her hand to take her away to their sacred land where men can’t enter. After all Akoya and Isshin don’t belong to the same place. Some girls in the audience are moved by her acting and Onodera is nicely surprised about how deep is her acting, but Hamil, on the contrary, seems puzzled. Ayumi tries to feel the air movements, the voices, the presence of the people aroud her moving, the lights and the darkness: it’s as if she was in a different world, the Crimson Goddess’ world.
Akame/Isshin advances into the sacred land and gets menacing near the Goddess, but Ayumi can’t see him. Suddenly the axe gets a few centimetres from her head, but her sight is lost. Akame petrifies while Onodera and Hamil wince, while the audience is puzzled.
then wee see some journalists receiving the news that Ayumi was seen coming out from the hospital.
The chapter ends with Ayumi trembling in front of the axe.


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