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Betsuhana Ch 25

We’re at Hayami’s before dawn
Masumi had been searching through internet info about mental illness for all the nigh and after he read the possible causes of this illness he breaks the glass he had on his hand on the table.

He also gave Mizuki some specific instructions and, seeing it’s time to go to work, he goes to get a shower and dresses with a suit.
He goes down for breakfast where he appears refreshed and more relaxed on his face, so that Eisuke asks him :”what’s the matter? You have a more relaxed face, did you make any resolution?”
Masumi replies “yes”
Eisuke:”then I’m glad. shiori-san is such a sensitive woman, you’re a lucky man, although you didn’t want to have wedding, now you’ll be able to put your hands on the top seat of the takamiya’s enterprises”
Masumi: “yes, father. Now I’d like you to understand these two things: first I’ll be absent from work for a while. Even if I’ll be absent I gave Mizuki detailed instructions so that there won’t be any problems and I’ll be back for the important meetings and to sign the contracts. Last Iwon’t live at home but in a hotel in Tokyo during this time, later some of my co-worker will come to take my stuff, is that ok father?”
Eisuke:”what does it mean? You have no other interests than work and now you want to rest? Masumi?!”
Masumi:”I’m going to leave this house and I’ll go to and back from Takamiya’s house for a while”
Eisuke: ”I see.. and till when?”
Masumi: “I don’t know… it depends on how long Shiori san wants it”
Eisuke: ”I see... this is such an important time, you want to be near to shiori who suffered so much because of you.. what a praiseworthy fiancé you are… make her grandpa love you, do your best Masumi!”
Masumi: ”Thanks father”
Then he thinks ”father, I won’t follow your orders anymore…”

The scene changes we’re now at the Kids Studio where after a deep training in the morning they are having lunch and are handing out the lunch boxes. A member of the staff call for sakurakoji so that he take his box, Maya gets up to take it instead of sakurakoji but he ignores her and goes to take it on his own. Usually they have lunch together but not this time.
Maya goes to the river to eat his lunch box and wonders what happened to sakurakoji ”Is that possible he’s ignoring me?”
Kuronuma sees all this happening and calls Maya to eat together showing off his yakisoba bread to maya instead of her two onigiri. The truth is that he wants t understand what happened between Maya and Sakurakoji.
She tells him about when she told Sakurakoji to go back on his own, then she explains that she went onboard because of the check but… kuronuma realizes she’s hiding something so he do some researches and finds out that Maya and Masumi spent both that night on the cruise ship.

In the meanwhile is at Takamiya’s house into shiori’s room. She’s still here tearing the roses so he grabs the rose she’s holding into his hands and takes it away form her forcedly.
Shiori’s maids are shocked because of his behaviour but he insists ordering them to throw away all the roses in that room. He insists that they have to ”throw away them all!”
As the maids obey shiori looks at Masumi and asks him ”Who are you? Why have you got such a violent behaviour?”
Masumi:”I’m Hayami Masumi and I was your finacè”
Shiori:”No, It’s not true, Masumi-sama is a more sweet man. He’s always ready to grant all my wishes, always smiling, you can’t be Masumi-sama!”
Masumi: ”No, this is the real me. Look at it carefully. I shout loud and if it is because of work I use every dirty means to obtain what I want, even lying shamelessly. The Masumi you’re searching for doesn’t exist, it’s just your imagination…”

Then he grasps her and makes her get off the bed.

“come on wake up! Stop locking all you have got in your heart!”

Takamiya’s grandpa arrives shouting “why are you using such violence! Masumi-kun?! Shiori is sick and weak and yet you…”
“Thus is why I want to make her heal!”Masumi shouts too ”If she’s ill because of me I can make her be well but she needs to have strength to live, if she doesn’t have it from now on she’ll be ill every time she suffer, Is that alright for you?”
”Masumi-kun are you scolding me?”
”Yes, because if Shiori grew up considered weak it’s because of you! You’re responsible!”
“Because of her health you spoiled and pampered her, always protected from pains, this is how she grew up, keeping away all the bad things, she didn’t learn anything from life!”
“Masumi-kun, you’re cheeky, how do you dare to reply in such a way…”
“Yes… I’m ill-mannered and violent, thus I can’t marry your precious daughter”
“Rmember that Mr Takamiya! I’m not like my father, I don’t care about your money or about the position you offer me, the more if it is because of a marriage. Do you think a man like me would make Shiori happy?
What I can do right now is trying to open her heart and give her the strength to face the truth!”
He opens the curtains, the sun is shining and the garden is full of flowers. Shiori looks at the setting while he keeps talking ”it’s such a wonderful day that is a waste being closed in a room”
Then he describes the nature outside…
Shiori face seems to came back to her senses, she looks at Masumi and tells
The maids and her grandpa rejoice, then she looks at her wrists for the first time and starts crying falling slowly on the floor.

The scenes changes to the kids studio where the rehearsals keep going on.
Kuronuma gives the hatchet to Sakurakoji who takes it with one hand (while he keeps the crutches with the other hand) and because it is heavy his hand trembles.
Kuronuma says
”Kitajima go there and act as the plum tree soul, now we’ll act the scene where sakurakoji cuts the plum tree as Isshin…”

Kuronuma wants to have a big impact of reality into this scene to involve the audience. On the top of the pyramid we have Maya while sakurakoji is at the bottom…

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