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Betsuhana Ch24 (English Version)

setelah lama2 nyari lanjutan Bidadari Merah akhirnya menemukan jg walopun dalam bentuk summary lanjutan Bidadari merah namanya Betsuhana... biasanya baca di (tapi cuma sampe Betsuhana ch 22) dan
setelah searching akhirnya menemukan summary ch 24, yang ch 23 katanya lebih membahas tentang Ayumi... karena pengen tau kelanjutan kisah Maya Kitajima dan Masumi Hayami makanya bacanya loncat ke ch 24 hehehehe :))

versi englishnya dapet dari sini

We’re at Korunoma’s cast rehearsals. Sakurakoji is acting on the scene where he fights mu he barely can stand. Kuronuma order the other actor to feel not afraid and to attack Isshin, so he, although hesitates do attack and sakurakoji respond to his attacks using his crutches. He gets the actor’s leg with the crutch thus making him fall. Kuronuma praises how they were serious while fighting.
Then Akoya arrives and gets near to Isshin trying to help him but sakurakoji push her hand away.
There’s a whole scene between sakurakoji acting as Isshin and Maya acting as Akora, then he (as Isshin) falls down and her (as akoya) holds his side. They’re acting the scene where Isshin went to see Akoya and Akoya, understanding it begs him “don’t’ leave me anymore”. The other members of the cast are surprised and notice how their interpretation is way more better than before. In the meanwhile Maya thinks “I’ll accept it! If it is from sakurakoji, I’ll accept any Isshin”

They take a 25 minutes break and everybody goes to praise sakurakoji.
Maka looks at him form afar happy then she goes to the back of the practice room and thinks “I have to give him the dolphin necklace back but… but I can’t do it right now! I can’t give it to him until we’ll end the rehearsals for the Crimson Goddess! Hayami-san… I want to see you… I can feel Akoya’s lines in me.. each one of them has now a different meaning… I have this warm feeling permeating in me. Right now It seems to me that what happened into the cruise was only a dream… no, no. what happened on the pontoon bridge under the breaking dawn red sky is still in front of my eyes, in my ears. That orange sun, the waves, Akoya’s feelings becoming my very feelings, Akoya’s lines becoming my very lines, Hayami-san, purple rose fan, I’ll be waiting trusting you… I’ll be waiting for you”

From afar Sakurakoji looks at Maya who’s absent-minded and thinks ”Maya-chan…”

We’re at Daito enterprises now and we can see Mizuki running… people who see her ask her what she’s doing and why she’s there at that time, she apologizes telling them she’s in a hurry, she has an appointment and so she leaves while the clerk stays there surprised.
Then she takes the car and urges the chauffeur to harry on. Inside the car she remembers what happened a few days ago when Masumi told her that it was likely he would have wronged the Takamiya family. (this part is only in volume 47)
She thought anything but what he did!
A few moment before she went out the office Shiori’s grandfather called asking what the hell happened, Did Shiori really attempt suicide? But she was so happy about the wedding… Why did she do that? Mizuki had answered telling him that Masumi had cancelled the meeting with the wedding planner.
Is he really thinking to cancel the wedding?

At takamiya’s we see Masumi and Eisuke with Shiori’s parents.

It seems that since shiori was discharged she has been monitored by a specialist because she refuses to speak and it seems her heart has been deeply hurt. They only know form the restaurant staff that she was injured (but they don’t know it was herself)

Masumi has a dark face and can only say ”I’m sorry”
The same goes for Eisuke who adds he’s responsible because he didn’t follow them closely.
Shiori’s parents with teary eyes put the blame on Masumi and especially on eisuke because he was the first one who wanted the wedding. Then they ask Masumi what he told her so that she became like that considering how eagerly she was waiting for their wedding day…

Masumi replies ”I told her I can’t make her happy”
And her parents ”Then why did you accept the engagement? Do you realize how much you hurt Shiori? Since she was a child because of her state of health she had no friends and she started to feel happy when she met you…now come… come and see Shiori”

They go to her room and Masumi is dumbstruck on seeing Shiori’s room.
It’s filled with purple roses.
Her waitress comments ”Even if she hates them she made all the florists bring her the purple roses and surround her but…”

Shiori keeps repeating ”Masumi-sama hates me… I really hate purple roses… Masumi –sama hates me… I really hate purple roses… I wish them all die… carried away by the wind…”

Shiori’s parents keep on blaming Masumi telling him to watch carefully: that one is Shiori.

”Masumi-sama hates me… I really hate purple roses… they all must wither… Masumi-sama hates me… I really hate purple roses… Come the wind and take them away… they all must wither”

Masumi is seriously dumbstruck.
Then Takamiya’s grandfather kneels down and begs him to marry his niece, that he would do anything so that Masumi would marry her… He would claim Masumi his successor and he’ll give Shiori all his inheritance, he begs Masumi to save his niece.

In the meanwhile Mizuki arrives. Masumi asks why she came there and Eisuke replies he’s the one who called her.then he say’s all is ready, he has made new plans for their wedding, for their honeymoon and so on. He then makes shiori’s grandpa stand up and apologizes telling him that it all was because Masumi is a workaholic. Then he goes next to his son and orders Masumi to marry Shiori, that’s his order.

Masumi reminds all the times Eisuke ordered him since he was a child.

”Don’t’ go near that room, it’s an order… bring me the Crimson Goddess copyrights, it’s an order… eliminate the enemies, it’s an order…”

They both go back home and while Eisuke toasts, Masumi is drinking alone into his room.

”father, I’ll never again obey to your orders. The Crimson Goddess copyrights you desire… I’ll have and keep them. I thounght I would have been able to wait patiently for that day to come and then I would have abandon my name, but maybe… ‘that day’ has come sooner than I expected it.
But shiori… what happened to her is because of me… as human being, as a men… It’s because of me… Maya…”

Then he throws away the glass and puts his hand on the table

The scene changes to Maya who’s acting her lines in the back of the practice room…”I’ll be waiting or you, you have my heart… etc”

She is moved to tears while kuronuma looks at her in the shadows.

versi Indonesianya akan diposting setelah ini ;)


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