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Betsuhana GNK Chapter 27

setelah ngubek - ngubek dunia maya akhirnya menemukan Betsuhana GNK Chapter 27, setelah ngubek forum sebelah yg biasa sharing link betsuhana, sepertinya kali ini yang dpt info tentang betsuhana sudah sangat2 membatasi (bagi - bagi dooonk ke kite - kite ...) sharing info tentang betsuhana ...
saya menemukan website yg posting betsuhana 27 tapi dalam bahasa mandarin ...
alhasil minta bantuan oom google lg doonk buat translate ke english soale klo ke Indonesia agak susah dimengerti artinya :D
walopun sudah ditranslate ke english tapi masih aja ada kata2 mandarinnya yg gak ke translate ... coba deech baca pasti ada yg aneh ... :D ... tapi lumayan lah buat menghilangkan rasa penasaran tentang Bidadari Merah
Chapter 27 ini lebih membahas tentan Ayumi dengan kebutaannya dan Hamill cowok yang naksir sama Ayumi , krn saya pencinta Masumi hayami dan Maya Kitajima jadi menurut saya chapter kali ini kurang greget :p

cekidot y .... selamat menikmati dan berbingung ria dengan beberapa or sebagian kalimatnya ... ^_^v
The axe break the confidence of all ...?!

Ayumi ran an axe in front: "..."
True: "No ... 唔....!」 (Shiver)
Ancient night suddenly said, "what's wrong?, Darling, you could not make a hand?"
Akame surprised (well ...? Ji Chuanya arch..! Do this!)
Back to: "uhh ... Cut down, I can't cut you..! Even if they know you're not human, and I could not make a hand ...! "

Spectator: "it's great ...! Enough thrilling scene "
"I stretched to simply can't live without sight, thought it really was going to cut down"
"Me too ...!"
Xiaoyesi: "deserves to be matching purposes at Chek Lap Kok Ayumi"
Thomas Hamill (Hmm ...).
Ayumi thought: (too careless ...! Originally wanted to say all without eyes show.. Unknowingly been looming figure and Dark colors attract the past ...! Negligence caused the failure of the moment ...! Accidentally not..!)
Thomas Hamill: (sub-bow)

Thomas Hamill in the computers table browse many photos of Ayumi
Thomas Hamill: "in the mountains of rehearsals and now .... It is strange ... "thought (Ayumi)
At rehearsals came: "tough! so a 20-minute break! performed military commanders meeting, and the whole war drama stay!"
Thomas Hamill: "Hi ~ Ayumi"
Ayumi (this sound is..!) : "What thing? Hamil"
Thomas Hamill: "think and you say ... Today, I bring your photos "
Ayumi: "photographs?"
Thomas Hamill: "red photo of the day when women's volleyball team plays, took a pretty good job, you wouldn't want to see it?"
Ayumi opening folder with photos, seemed shocked for a moment
Thomas Hamill: "sub-bow look very good ...! Whether ancient or red at night time when JI "
Ayumi: "of course, thank you! rehearsals once I make it look"
Thomas Hamill:: "sub-bow ...! (Shocked face) thank you? do you really think so? those are not your photos "

Hua ~ photos scattered, Ayumi tremble: "when did you notice my eyes ...? Hamil "
Thomas Hamill: "I called aloud before you, at the moment you turn the shutter when your eyes are not looking at lenses ...
Last night after I look at your photo, I understand, your eyes do not see anything, and rehearsed in the mountains red compared to the days when women, fully
Not the same
Not really in the eye, yesterday under your eyes do not see an AX, which is clearly taking on a photo
Even if you can fool people around, photo is deceived people, when was becoming so serious? "
Ayumi "in Tokyo after rehearsals start soon ..."
Thomas Hamill:: "who pay attention to your eyes ...?"
Ayumi: "xiaoyesi teacher and Chek Lap Kok, is because mother said ... There's wet nurse and Assistant ... "
Thomas Hamill: "what did the doctor say?"
Ayumi, "and you don't have it!"
Thomas Hamill: "no, you are my photographs of important objects, if what's going on, my work wasted"

Ayumi: "what do you work my! I didn't promise you models..! Are you arbitrarily take I do not ...! "
Thomas Hamill: "do you know why I have been taking your reason? sub-bow, I'd like to introduce you to the world, only in Japan the development of
What a shame "
Ayumi: "Hamil.."
Thomas Hamill: "your eyes ... With the eyes can you stand on the stage? doctors going to stop now you play? "
Ayumi: "he wants me to hospital to be operated on at once ..."
Thomas Hamill: "If you don't what happens?" Ayumi, "he says might blind ..."
Thomas Hamill: "sub-bow ...!"
Ayumi: "Hamil you don't stop me! to preach, you don't have to! I had rehearsed many times, close their eyes to go
On the stage! where something on the stage, who each scene is how to move,
Are all very clear to me, I killed to keep in mind, able to play very well!
As long as the sound, I know where the man ...! Even if the image is fuzzy, I can tie in with the other's actions show..! I

You Hamil, it not to tell anyone ...! I play the Red Angel ...! "

Thomas Hamill: "Ayumi..."
After leaving Ayumi Hamil attend the party, but a person thinking about: (I don't know ... Why are willing to risk danger, persistent in red
Angel's stage ... Ayumi.)
A lady came up: "Hi ~ dude how do you this? what? a worried expression, everyone will find it very odd
Blame you one in here "
Thomas Hamill: "Ma ..."
Wife: "would like you to take pictures of the actress so much, as long as you take pictures are world famous, Ji Chuanya bow are bleaching
Light, but we are talking about really do not understand why you want to make that unripe Green Apple! why? "
Hamil, "why?"
Wife: "it is in Japan and other beautiful actresses there are so many of the connotation of"
Thomas Hamill: (why ... Well, Yeah! why do I want to make the Ayumi?): "probably ... Ayumi and other actresses of different ... "
Wife: "different? where do different?"
Thomas Hamill: "I want to make the Ayumi, must be because she has no other actress, before she and I took one of the world
Actress is not the same "
Wife: "that no other actress ... So what is it? "

Thomas Hamill: "I don't know ... Even I do not know ... This is the first time ... "
Thomas Hamill thought (Ayumi where do attract me ... Why am I so wanted to make her figure ...? Indeed what
Very different ... She and I met actress ... Ayumi...)
And that part of the bow on the same sub-period, mostly continue to use the old 324 back to the
contents of the
Hamill: "Hey ~ Ya bow."
Ayumi: "Hamill"
Hamill: "Yes ... yes I am, you soon will know me ah! So late in a row of play? Other people?"
Ayumi: "We have to go back, I just re-training in some of today's rehearsal. Hamill you are
not a party tonight? I smell a little alcohol."
Hamill: "Yes ah you really know, amazing! You replace the eyes, nose, become very sensitive."
Ayumi: "Hamill ...!"
Hamill: "Sorry, it is because I care about you."
Ayumi: "You do not need to care about."
Hamill: "That's how the line, I want to know my models can not properly play acting."
Ayumi: "Do you want to test to see them? Hamill."
Hamill: "test you?"
Ayumi: "Ah, I test my intuition."
Hamill: "Your intuition?"
Ayumi: "To make you agree with my acting."
Hamill: "Funny! How to do it?"
Ayumi: "shut the door up, then turn off the light."
Hamill: "turn off the lights?"

Ayumi: "how? Hamill"
Hamill: "darkness can not see anything."
Ayumi: "So you become like me, the"
Hamill: "Ya bow ..."
Ayumi: "Since the deterioration of vision, I have been training in the dark depends on how the
sound and movement, like the pencil gently rolling sound, or sound flip books, clothes rubbing
sound ...
In the dark to determine which parts came, I desperately miss any small sound.
Footsteps to estimate the distance with each other, using the vibration of the air to know that
people move to the driving range before I make is doing the training! " Hamill shocked to thinking:
Ayumi: "Fortunately, I gradually less able to understand, when the driving range for the
hypothetical stage, you play a real walk Kanba"
Hamill: "walk in the dark?!"
Ayumi: "ako night will go around you."
Hamill: "ok! Try it sub-bow, Ni Zhen's able to come to me in the dark side?"
Hamill: "Oh ..!"
Ayumi: "You hit a wooden yo! Oh 􀁡"
Hamill: "What the ...!"

Ayumi thought: (footsteps stopped ..!):" dear, hide and seek game is over dear, no matter
where you are, ako night will know. "
Hamill thought: (voice getting closer ...)
Agusta night: "Do you think that would be ako night you miss your footsteps? Think I will do you and others wrong? Thought I misheard it?
Where are you! I'll be able to catch you. "
Hamill thought: (a good direct ..! Not hesitate to directly approached)
Hamill lit lighters
Hamill: "Ya bow ..."
Hamill's heart throb incessantly: (sub-bow ...)
Reporter: "Yi Yi 􀁡!? Ji Chuan Ya bow sick?!"
: "Whisper point! Weekly DON is found to guy thing."
: "I have heard several times that she was attending to the eye."
: "Eye? Will not be a long needle like ah?"
: "I am going to check a clear, anyway, the doctors and nurses are not telling the truth, you feel
very strange? Can not imagine that Ji Chuan Utako will rush to the end of his film work, has to
accompany her daughter's rehearsals,
They nest in the field and studio photography undergo training also is concerned about, and also
refused access to all reports drawn, but if these are due to Ji Chuan Ya bow eye disease can be
justified. "
: "So ..!"
: "Genius Ji Chuanya red bow before the crisis days of female audition! Or setbacks ..? It will be
interesting to report how much ah."
: "Yes ..!"

Phone: "What ...! Period of time does not come back ..!? To stay in Japan ...? How to do the
work in Paris?! But also a solo exhibition in New York it ..!"
Hamill: "The agent you are very sorry .. I will go back before a show once" (cut off the phone)
Hamill looked at the photos sub-bow
Agusta Asia remembered the night the lines bow

Hamill looked at in the next sub-rehearsals I thought the bow: (sub-bow)
Bystander: "Amazing! Terrific Oh! Ayumi sister"
Hamill: (really incredible .. a little bit you do not perceptible to the eye is not good, Xiangni such
strong self-esteem of women is the first time I encountered,
I want to see the end, you target the female red day ...!
(Lit cigarette): (sub-bow ... At that time, why do I put out the lighter it? Surprise you because ...?
Shocked my heart warm feelings emerge, so do you want to hide it all .. .? not ... because I want
the darkness emerges the moment you become a beautiful face ... forever remain deeply in my
eyes my heart ...)

Hamill thought: (sub-bow ..! Now I finally understand ... I was to meet and you came to Japan ...!!
Ayumi ...! In order to become days in the bright woman you ...!!)

To be continued .............

Bagi yang penasaran gimana seeh bahasa asli sebelum di translate ke english silakeun buka disini


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