Sunday, March 4, 2012

Garasu No Kamen 48 Review

nemu review dari orang yg dah baca vol 48 di forum ini

Therefore, the two groups are brought to the place where there will be a representation. In fact this place was formerly a station that has been torn down and then be re-built. Besides the two groups have only 1 day to rehearse there.
The person who has decided this is just Tsukikage sensei, he just wished that there was nothing to this representation. No stage, no nothing. Explain that later they will understand just why he opted for that choice.
Asked what they think the two actresses, Ayumi replied that there is no problem you can interpret the Goddess everywhere, Maya says that this place reminds her of a place where he played as a child to .... like our "do it ... " imagining random things and think it's very interesting.
All reporters are surprised by the stories of Maya Ayumi mind is a bit 'bored by her.

Ayumi while all agree that it serves a handshake between the two actresses is concerned that at the time someone notices that his hand is uncertain (because we do not see it) and then refuses to give her a hand and acts as if he wrote the challenge of a sheet and then to launch her without giving her his hand

At the end of everything, Ayumi is or being alone is removed from the others, feel the wind on her face (I'm still in this former train station) and thinks it looks like the wind is in the valley of plum trees.

Meanwhile Maya continues to tell Kuronuma played as a child to this "do it .." Sakurakouji and points out that is exactly what they should do, to work the imagination to play there ...

Cut to Masumi, in this period goes every morning to find Shiori, which seems to be much improved, the appetite has returned, even if it is not restored to 100% devices, because he understood that there is no place for her in the heart of Masumi.
Shiori's father tries to convince Masumi in all ways to become their successor to do the same for Shiori but he flatly refuses.

Eisuke, learned that Masumi has twice rejected the proposal of Shiori's father, begins to suspect that Masumi is interested in someone and instructs Mizuki, who is always around Masumi, to make inquiries on his own.

Mizuki, who knows who cares to Masumi, Eisuke answers "And so what if it was just going to do?" And he says, "The destroy!"

At that moment, Masumi is in the car and the driver if the request was to bring him home, Masumi says no, and orders him to take him to the hotel.

Reaffirms once again (I think to himself) that no longer follow the orders of his father and swears that for the first time in his life, will oppose him ...


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