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Garasu No Kamen 48 (Version 3)

Naah nambah lagi nemu satu blog lagi, sama dengan sebelumnya menggunakan google translator jadi bisa dilihat englishnya kacau balau ... karena males ngedit susunan kalimatnya lagi jadi mari kita nikmati kecau balauan ini yang penting bisa dimengerti ... ada joke yang beredar yaitu "english salah paham", artinya english yg grammarnya salah tapi bisa dipahami ... :p

The following was all alone with theater · ·
Saru Categories restless and fixes this time. Magazine, and I think after the order had changed.
Oh's case epi purple to bring together the last before the practice of Ayumi

Glass Mask Volume 48
(With spoiler) impressions & Synopsis
· Ayumi Onodera and begin to act before the red-eye
Red-eye seems to participate in the play without being affected by Ayumi and atmosphere is different now.
Kazuma will pick up in the night scene Ako throw it a set of chisel
Utako is to put out the lights on the studio to try Ayumi
Ayumi is in the dark, gather all beautiful. So the end acting
Utako hear the impressions of the performance of Ayumi. Two people praise and became mystical, Utako confides the fact that the eyes of Ayumi.
Onodera was shocked, but the road there is only a spear through ·

· Training of Sakurakoji
Maya and Sakurakoji Sakurakoji by injury, growth can be seen to acting.
Of love of two people acting Kuronuma, however,
If there is a problem with the idea Sakurakoji · ·

-Maya I think each and Masumi
Maya looked up at the night sky at the end practice
. ~ ~ Want to go to villa of Izu as soon as possible. A missy you want to see Mr Hayami soon. "I want to meet
(Laughs) I'll be waiting Sakurakoji believe you "have seen it in the shadows

Cancel out the instructions of an expression in the villa of Izu phone Masumi, to Mizuki
Management people said to be astonished "Do not dreary here? Why do not you also decorated with flowers now" with the president (laughs)
"I want to greet you here in the form of called Maya. You. Maya has been trying to change something to worry about I'm in the room for the first time. Of someone. Waiting for me"

· History and Michal
Ayumi acting to increase the depth at the lack of sight.
But in practice
Did not notice the lack the ability to concentrate ax moment, is Swung.
Hamill has had a look at how that feel uncomfortable.
They noticed that the eyes can not see and Ayumi. Ayumi, but ask for a silent · ·

What attracted to Ayumi why? Loss to Hamill's feelings
Visit to the practice room to be alone is Ayumi.
Hamill anxious to whether it can be acting well, in order to convince the Atana
In the dark, find out the whereabouts of Hamill that turn off the light. Ayumi Hamill came to the original and beautifully.
The History of the smile was seen in a lighter, Hamill would have admired.

Disturbing shadows around Ayumi · ·
Hamill, but get out of trouble in the wit of Barre is going to be that the eyes of Ayumi by reporters.
They sow the reporters by pretending to be dating.
Ayumi and hear what help me why.
Have seen your smile
Hamill says it does not matter if you and become scandal
Please tell me someday the Japanese je t'aime
Ayumi confused

I did it to put out the fire this? The beauty of the moment that have been raised in the darkness hides unpleasant or surprised because I wanted to boil up feeling hot in my chest? Or because at that time why I was surprised last night ( As I kept in my heart to this eye thing I wanted to eternal
I came to Japan I je t'aime fairy dark eyes may have had to meet you)

· Kuronuma hear to talk to Maya Maya look Sakurakoji subtly avoided.
Kuronuma heard that when the scent from the Maya, we went to return the check, and there was something between Mr. Hayami.

Masumi and purple-disengagement of the organization
Oh go to see Masumi Murasaki
I (will become honest with you the first time, trying to show good faith true to you, also because it does not unfortunately you any more, I lie to you, this that and, for you only one but I will try to protect the kid for, even if what Maya)

Oh, and purple confession to a man of his purple roses
Want to reconsider the marriage and tell.
Tissue is crushed to powder room is purple.
In the glass the wrist in despair ·

Eisuke Hayami and Miya blamed from Okina Kyutei hawk hawk.
As insane
"I hate like Masumi wood-nephew flying on the wind it might as well be dead everyone hates purple roses Watakushi" Look pluck a rose woven purple and muttering, Hayami also shocked .

Our visit to the Maya and Ayumi, our demonstration site.
Rough set eyes on the venue, Maya inflated expectations
Ayumi was feeling the anxiety.
Two people attend a press conference
Ayumi do not want to be noticed that there is no visible Maya ·

Volume 48 was the turn of Hamill & Ayumi personally can not have too much interest.
Mr. Hamill was finally remember the name now.
Or faint or because it was Michal's Harumi much. Je t'aime is to smile.

On the other hand Mr. Hayami, Maya and
I have to worry about that either choice was the villa of Izu pot
President tries to decorate the flower comes to mind that the villa is cute but Maya
I also think now is not the time to just say Izu, Izu or

Disengagement of purple woven-ku, Masumi
Hayami's monologue in the last meet purple woven
I will try to protect you even if what the Maya ← this was good.
I ← This is strange for (Maya) for that child (your purple) You lie to you just one. Masumi that Maya is only fan says it's spring. Purple woven eventually mean Masumi did not trust the word of the Well. Oh and in a position of painful purple. Mr. Hayami I was speaking in good faith to purple to own Oh but Mr. Hayami,
Oh purple epi unpublished in this complex is the place where not even know because it is not been cornered feeling of purple Oh I hated. Are you satisfied with the overall feel is understandable but


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