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Garasu No Kamen 48 (Version 1)

kali ini benar-benar ngubek2 google buat dapetin spoilernya Topeng Kaca, setelah ngubek murasaki tempat biasanya dapetin info tentang Topeng Kaca tentang Maya chan dan Mayumi ternyata diblock (bisa dibilang gitu bahasanya) .... tetapi seperti kata pepatah dimana ada usaha disitu ada jalan #kira2 bener gak pepatahnya :D
setelah kulu kilir di google akhirnya menemukan blog yg posting spoiler atao review tentang Topeng Kaca 48, menemukan beberapa tetapi saya ambil dua saja untuk berbagi dengan pecinta Maya Chan dan Masumi :D, karena blognya dalam bahasa Jepang jd kita gunakan google translator ... paling tidak masih bisa dimengerti dan disambung menyambungkan setiap kalimatnya biar gak terlalu penasaran dengan kisah cinta Maya Chan dan masumi :D.
karena ada dua yang saya baca jadi saya namain aja Version 1 dan 2. Version 1 dibaca dari

Onodera team hold a press and party venue Kuronuma demonstration of "fairy" Red, at Theater X.
Leave the ruins of the old place was a station, receive an explanation without any props and stage sets, that is the minimum necessary lighting.
Said that the demonstration venue know that I chose the right person Tsukikage Chigusa, ability will be tried from that there is nothing to help me play, that is why I chose the stage when you have finished demonstration.
Sun is only a dress rehearsal for each group, also can not hide the confusion group also Onodera group Kuronuma the instructions in the moonlight.

I heard the thoughts and aspirations to the demonstration site to a reporter, Ayumi and just play the Red Fairy, regardless of any place of their own, says Maya looks interesting and like a role play of a child.
Giggles and I buy a make-believe play also reminded Kuronuma, to reporters and they do not know the house the situation and directing actors.
Is that the injury is Sakurakoji sympathy, and not be able to play decent reporter, but expression that seems to be spicy, empower Mayan grab the arm of Sakurakoji from the back.
Maya and Ayumi asked to shake hands, but I swear a good fight in front of everyone, please do not be afraid to hand Ayumi haze eyes, and hands they passed each other Maya.
Are asked whether to declare war reporter, and now can not compete, such as shaking hands with opponent, Ayumi will refuse to shake hands with the Maya.
Ayumi said to Maya, and absolutely will not lose by it, go on the counteroffensive.

Ayumi walked the ruins of the station remains, the same as Umenosato feel the wind.
So diminished that means, stop your feet and think what the image was visualized in the mind.

Kuronuma team and start talking to resemble what the line or home or When you walk the ruins, and to "pretend red fairy."
Kuronuma and a look at the Maya happily, to understand "pretend play" is Sakurakoji thing and play with the imagination.
Maya is convinced that 演 and the "Red Fairy" in the (ruins) Theater X.

Hayami is to visit the purple organization aims to suicide unstable, was visiting the Kyutei hawk every morning at 9:00.
Woven purple and say I ate eggs for breakfast porridge without leaving any waiting to enjoy the arrival of Hayami, a compliment from me is Hayami.
Hayami was also the middle of a hall Shiroizumi to bring a gift, is teased and pleased that Hayami and eat housekeeper, a relaxed air flows.

• Why is it like Masumi No (?
I come to visit us this way you do every morning is ...?
But you said marriage is not possible •
I feel the responsibility that come
Made from such a thing I •
• • • Us came this way so every morning
I so until it is ...
But ...!
You do not come anymore Kudasara feel better if I have no doubt ...!
Once again here that I feel better ...! )

Appeal to laugh at the sight Hayami Hayami is well woven and purple, Takamiya Okina is it just save the woven purple and you.
Say it has come through every morning from the sense of responsibility, but Hayami know, purple is not weave a pity to be alive to enjoy the visit only Hayami.
Takamiya Okina is suitable for all companies to the top of what people like Hayami Takamiya.
Marriage is good because that means complain and want the trail in the footsteps of an eagle.

Eisuke learned that the old man from Takamiya, Hayami has refused to ask the old man by phone Takamiya, Hayami says that go against what someone says can not be yourself, and say that his Kikaseru to Hayami.
Eisuke Hayami was suspicious that the marriage has also declined with the purple organization, also talk that all companies take over the top spot of the house hawk ask that you know something is not Mizuki.

Why did you break off with Oh, and purple. Enough to destroy the original and speaking engagement "is is ...?
(Put) in the other person likes to Masumi Masaka • • •?
But until the rise of up to shake the story of Masumi blockhead work-ray of such a thing-! ?
Raren thought ...! Such a thing is impossible ...!
But it now does only think ...!
Mizuki idea is, whether or not you who I
Masumi presence of women, such as that drawn heart is ...? "
"No, that any private ..."
Or "Yes ...!
Me to explore such women do not have a future in the affairs of Masumi
I hope! Mizuki you ...! "
Is the story of the provisional chairman Hayami • • • "
What happens if I Irassha~tsu last serving of sake Nasaru Masumi like if such a woman? "
Decided to take "!
No matter what I do to break • Bukkake! "

When asked in a round-trip and hotel company, and occasionally go back home Why do not the driver, Hayami answer (anymore) and not go home.
Father-in-law's tail (• • •! I defy you the first time in my life ...!
I should not, such as the way you want your already ...! )

Appendix of this month's issue (write a note to Mr. Hayami white tuxedo) Masumi Hayami white tuxedo Memo Pad

Next issue is "Maya the eye injury is ... Ayumi?"
Appendix of the next issue of the teacher is in clear moonlight black wife files.

Since this time thought I was still Ayumi and Hamill's turn, are lucky to have seen Mr. Hayami and Maya-chan!
Hopefully thing, want to see the place of two people together soon.
Concern is that I do not do not try to hard Hayami is Hanaso hand woven purple.
To Eisuke, I'll think of that when the opponent has had Hayami Barre, named Eisuke Can I Do with it what is.
It may not be to talk with the problem is resolved quickly, ~ I want to see the face of two people to be happy soon! !

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