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Garasu No Kamen 48 (Version 2)

Naah yang ini versi ke dua nya dari hasil dari google translator :D


Studio 21. In dim studio, acting Ayumi begins.
Utako watch the mother. And red-eye and Onodera.

Along the rope from a high place, Ayumi landed on the floor.
Discard the fin from the figure of God, makes us feel even awe, at night Ako village girl.
Ayumi, hazy visibility. Landscape of the Valley of the plum is overlap in the studio. .
"What I do not look good useful" "here is Valley of the plum and easily can imagine"
Kitajima Maya is sure, it was your imagination to do from the usual anti-nature.
"Nothing more than imagination to understand the part of the North Island of Maya finally now"
To me there is something you do not even "...! Red Fairy is not given to you ""! "

Ako night and play with Ayumi Kazuma red-eye.
However, you can not see clearly the appearance of red-eye again.
Also look in the direction of Ayumi, red-eye, distant gaze.
What "... This eye! A mysterious look look mystic "" ...! "
The confusion are drawn to play the red-eye, Ayumi, the heat is muffled to acting.

Although there is no great movement, from the behavior of Ayumi has a quiet start, the mystique that hangs in the air.
Was a make you feel the presence of the goddess of the Spirit.

Practice of the Red Fairy had been made at that time Kuronuma set.
Kuronuma drama of flying. Sakurakoji acting on crutches. Convincing. Kuronuma praise "'re much better than previous Kazuma."
Maya appeared Ako night. Sakurakoji atmosphere to avoid, for the Maya.
Kazuma acting. "Why you are here eagle?"
Maya catch, the moment, the feeling is Sakurakoji Komori, was about to collapse is out crutches.
Go anywhere ""! 'S meet in the evening Ako "is unexpected will not!"

Show by "...! Show what I also received a true if Sakurakoji Kazuma-kun "" ...! "

Kuronuma two people stare.
Thanks to injuries ... Sakurakoji, grown as an actor is Maya Kitajima.
Trying to Uketomeyo conscious acting partner.
Catch of acting. In the play does not do alone, but the main thing.
Staff beside it? Kuronuma talk to.

Well so far the contents of the.
Summarized in one line.
"Thanks to blindness and fractures, two pairs of acting has changed" "fluke injury" (or a little different meaning?)
Or more.


Onodera also set to return to the stage.

Have continued to play for the Red Fairy Ayumi.
All drop Utako, the lighting. Perfect darkness.
Ayumi move, in the concentration of intensive training learned in the past. Sound judgment. The red-eye, align the chisel dropped pass.
Startle red-eye.
Utako, reveals the secrets of Ayumi finally about the eye.
Onodera to hesitate, to be put on the stage of Ayumi. However, with the enthusiasm of Ayumi some persuasion, he decided to leave towards this demonstration.
I can not replace the protagonist too late "...! There's demonstration of the Red Fairy Ayumi Himekawa "" ...! "
There is only a spear through "...! "

Kuronuma to set again.
At night. Practice end.
Alone, Maya-chan to go out of the rehearsal hall.
The river will flow. Sparkling skyscraper. Star in the sky.
Indulge in what I think.
"I have to return Peairuka pendant, Sakurakoji kun"
"Now is still useless until the end of the rehearsal demo"
And I think that Hayami's.
Mr. Hayami "...! Missy you want to see ""! "
I want to go to a villa of Izu as soon as possible "...! "
Seem like a dream come overnight on the ship of that.
Uh-uh "...! Come to mind that beautiful sky of dawn Close your eyes and even now "

And your big arm "...! "

Appearance of Masumaya hold each other tightly. Reintegrate. Reader service.

(By the way, arm and is expressed as "large", somehow ... I really feel great.
But would not image that is wrapped ...)

I'll be waiting for you I believe Mr. Hayami "...! "
Maya looked up the remnants of Masumi floating in the night sky.
Sakurakoji crutches that are far away at the sight.

On the other hand.
Masumi Hayami also was thinking of Maya villa in Izu.
Or cancel out the instructions while wedding with bookmarks to Mizuki.
Cheek dyed or is she saying "Give me also decorated with flowers now" (thinking of Maya comes Sun) to human management of the villa (? Or prepare early and greet the Maya) you have been cleaning.
Want to welcome you here in the form of "Maya, waiting for us" good "...! "
I think the Maya staring (I'm not in the glow probably) of the sunset sea, lovely Masumin.


But still ... about 3/1.

After this ... a little too much.

Anyway, will continue.

Ayumi has received the examination, of the eye.
"At this rate it may cause blindness"
The doctor recommended surgery as soon as possible. Ayumi is rejected, however.
"You had the surgery in the hospital After you have rehearsal"
Maybe it's too late. Serious gamble.
"I bet a miracle!"

Ayumi out of the hospital, walk the streets alone.
Unexpectedly, the surrounding scenery, which won vaguely like haze.
(Apparently I'm not always in a muddle always)
Ayumi close my eyes.
Conversation. Sound of the car. Ayumi flock to the flood of sound.
Signs of human work. Smell. Sound sound approach, away. Understand the sense of distance.
All right "...! I'll be 演 ...! "

Arrive at the new Tokyo studio theater company Ondine.
Dan'in we have, we go over the next voice to Ayumi.
Blurred not see very well.
Ayumi, while hear a wit in "performance look", go well decorated.

Sound of the camera flash. Ayumi instinctively turn around.
Husband! Long-awaited appearance Mr. (?) Hamill! (Decayed teeth ache ...) "My goddess I finally came back"
"I remember I asked is not" return the heel Ayumi.
Look at the pictures of Ayumi Hamill was left, was taken just now, notice something.

Third rehearsal. Instructed by the red-eye Onodera, Staff only. (For fear of the barrel of the eye that Ayumi) also denies coverage.
Performance practice of the Red Fairy Ayumi begins.
Some intimidating play. ... Zoku~tsu. Who played breathtaking.
"Athleticism as before but" not to be attracted "..."

"... I'll be 演 is 演"
Shadow color, shape, and movement. Do not worry, understand. Also find expression in the breath.
Wind, fire, water, ... Sat.
Ayumi in acting, there was every appearance of nature.
Has gone out to deep acting than before "...! (Onodera by) "

Well, here again appeared Charahamiru. And because officials, invasion rehearsal.
Ayumin purpose is.
Ayumi Tsinghua, visibility of signs of stalker Hamill suddenly becomes dark. Surprised. Confusion.
At that time, the ax of Kazuma red-eye, it is Swung to Ayumi!
Ayumi is invisible!


Quite right ... ....
Red-eye, barely desperately to stop the ax.
Sense of urgency.
Ayumi red-eye, acting improvisation. Get out of trouble.
Had been taken care of before I knew the color of the shadows and around look vaguely human "...! "
Without careful "is ...! "

"Ayumi ...! "
Hamill Ayumi pewter stare. Also feel that something.

At night.
Hamill hotel room.
Check photos of Hamill, Ayumi was taken up to now. I feel something again.

Night for another day.
Ondine Ayumi practice studio. Break. Approach, Hamill.
Hold out the envelope containing the photos to Ayumi.
Ayumi retrieve each week. Not see very well.
'Facial expressions of Ayumi, ...! Very good "I show you slowly When you have finished training" Thank you "
"I do not have it in your photo? Thank you ..."
Hamill over the kiln.

Roof. Hamill & Ayumi. Conversation.
Your eyes have not seen the lens. Have not seen an ax. Looking at the photo shows it.
Ayumi draw closer to Hamill. "The doctor said what are you?"
"I is not related to you!"
"You're No subject my precious" (conventional phrases and words of Masumi is wearing)
Think that I would like to introduce to the world, you ....
Ayumi Hamill ask, because I am being 演 properly, and do not tell anyone about this.

"Let the Red Fairy. Perform the stage for me!"
"Ayumi ..."

Location changed.
Something a Western-style mansion somewhere. Auberge? Party like that (I do not know).
Hamill stroll garden. I think that Ayumi.
Madam Glamour Slender approach.
Two people talking to "Hi Playboy".
I just take her green apple like that why?
Ayumi I have to do something different with other actresses.
I still do not know me but somehow ... and it is.

Such a thing "is the first time. What attracts me is something of Ayumi ... "(to ensure early and wearing someone else's)

Is (sigh AquaM was getting tired of writing that Hamill) ー

The scene changes to the next also.
Rehearsal. Ayumi a person. Midnight.
Hamill drunk to feel good. Ayumi approaches.
Subject of "I Do What I would do good acting" was that concerned about you ""
I will give you ... convinced.
Ayumi, to put out the electricity to Hamill. Total darkness.
Ayumi, until you return to this section, in the darkness, saying that the move had a special training to rely on sound and vibration of air.
Ako night "'s show gotten you to your original kit" Please try to move with the intention was to Kazuma ""
Moving in Hamill, of darkness. Stumbled while walking or wooden box, it stops.
Footsteps "has stopped! "
... Hitahitahita. ... Hitahitahita.
Ayumi hear footsteps in the darkness.
"Hide and Seek unbiased you are Oshimai"
Voice "is approaching! "
"What think you? And miss listening to the footsteps of our night Ako is you" "give it immediately caught ..."
"Straight without hesitation"
Hamill will be grabbed clothes. Hamill put the writer at the same time.

Light of the writer to be lit.
Emerge, the face of Ako Ayumi night.
Indescribably lovely. Expression of maiden love. Softness.
Hamill, Dokkidokki.
Why turn off the writer.
Again in the darkness.

Pounding. Pounding.
Mara does not Hamill, has taken ... Dokkidokki.

This time during the day. Ish the next day.
Duo appeared in the press do something Usankusa.
Kanzuki have begun, a story about the eye of Ayumi.
Aim gossip. Ondine in front of the studio, or have to Dan'in Kikikomi.
Mr. Hamill has appeared again. Check to Dan'in, know about it.

Ondine in the building. Ayumi finished practice. After this, apparently planning to go to the examination of the eye.
Front of the elevator. The hand on the button will Norikomo.
Encounter with the "Haiayumi" Hamill. "Is not hurry me please Doi"
"I think other people are strange and not talking with me here" "This elevator is out of order because it is now"
Ayumi poster, did not appear in the failure.
Get off the railing on the stairs caught, you will notice that the eye told reporters waiting below.
(Apparently there is only one elevator)
Hamill takes a hand, "My name Ayumi will interrupt you for a date", Ayumi.
"I got love bamboozle the press"

Hamill Ayumi go down the stairs. Leaning on the arm that Ayumi, of Hamill. Two people are talking cheerfully.
How awful is copper good BracketName Ju Thame Muscatine Ayu mini Oshiete you want, when Mr. Hamill.
Even though a French conversation always seems to talk in Japanese. (Maybe because it 's balloon vertical)
Gossip reporters who had been waiting.
Ru tries to put Kke adoring coverage, (a play) the two people do something intimate. Like that of the eye was completely forgotten.

Reporters who chase a taxi, the two people of the car. Hamill, roll well.
Calm people at an promenade.
Two people talk. "There is a fear they would be better not to go to the hospital again today has been ahead"
Since yesterday I saw your smile "?" Why did you help me "..."

"Because you can monopolize your smiling face opposite that envy ..."
It is serious, "" Do not tease ""

It can not be helped "If you trouble" may be made to the scandal, and if you "..."

Hamirun confession.
"Today let's farewell here" "Please tell me the Japanese one day" "" je t'aime

Playboy Love Setsunaki Hamill.
Left alone, to light up a cigarette.
Probably why last night had put out the fire. Because I wanted to make this thing forever the beauty of the moment of that kit.
Suffice to these eyes in my heart.

Ayumi Ju Thame. Eye black fairy. (Which was a fairy, not the spirit)
I came to Japan I may have been to meet you ...

(Ju Thame application Hamill passed so quickly)

Or more.
Hen the end, "Hamill fell in love."

Was longer


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