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The Reason why Maya Kitajima Loves Masumi Hayami ;) (Page 1)

I've already read the article at http://polymera11.blog55.fc2.com about the reason why Maya Kitajima have a deep love to Masumi Hayami. Its really interesting when she analyzed about the relationship of Maya and Masumi since the first time they met and how relation them with others people in their around. I'll give a salute for the owner of the article. I want to share the article in this posting.

Let's say from the conclusion.
It is, of course, attracted to the soul of him from Masumi Hayami.
Soul, ie, would be nice to say that the essence of the person. I wrote about the subject of "Glass Mask" in the review of Volume 43. If you reused the first theme is the story of what a girl named Maya Kitajima no merit, to adults, and grow into a leading actress of a theater to find the reason for living. The second theme, will "free love" symbolized by the purple rose of Masumi Hayami. And the third theme, will be "one soul in two broke up" in the words of the Red Fairy. Expected "Glass Mask" is the soul of one who received the life in this world divided into two, and have also drawn up to become one, get meet and when. (To be honest I have not read the final episode) Masumi Hayami Maya Kitajima and this subject is depicted in the process will become attracted to love each other encounter. This time, let Maya to verify the process goes from him attracted to Masumi Hayami Mayasaido North Island.Unfortunate encounter with a human relationship. Two first encounter Maya and Masumi Hayami North Island was in the theater "La Traviata" starring Utako Himekawa is performance. (For the birthday of Maya has been set in February after, but actually turned into 12 years old) at the time, when he was 13 years old. Masumi Hayami first impression of the Mayan "does not seem so bad to people" was. Then, Maya would like to dislike the Masumi Hayami through the encounter and a variety of Masumi Hayami. Is heard by chance are talking opportunity to hate, when I went to apply for competition play with Chigusa Tsukikage the League play Japan, to Chigusa Tsukikage "stage during this period I was now to kill time said," and that Masumi Hayami was triggered. To actually hear it said that this word Hayami, Maya "He does not believe it somehow ... (I try to crush the moonlight theater with their hands dirty)? ..." Thinks . However, hear the word of Masumi Hayami in his ears, become averse to Hayami. After that, I think that it is included by Masumi Hayami, the crush and Onodera Onodera national tournament did it alone, a hostility to the dew of Masumi Hayami to. Although Maya hates Hayami, indeed, does not mean you do not hear the Hayami and mouth.Hayami, because in order to take up the stage right of the "Red Fairy" from Chigusa Tsukikage, once we have come to see, and how, are you talking about from time to time. Around this time, Maya is still a child. I think it touched the soul of Hayami first Maya, and Maya is not the time or are eating a grilled sea bream people in the lobby of the theater stage of Helen Keller, Ayumi Himekawa. Maya eats a grilled sea bream with Hayami. Hayami and I have heard in Maya? "Become absorbed in the theater so much, why". Maya says that the question against his own. Hayami said leave for the theater listening to the passion of the Maya, the last, and "envy". Maya said the words envy and Hayami, moved by the heart. Say people who have anything like that, like me envy the Misokkasu. Maya and I think what was heard wrong.Then, Maya won the Best Supporting Actress in the role of Helen Keller, passed to the performing arts by Chigusa Tsukikage large cities, at once run up the stairs to the star. Maya is also growing as a woman to the first love of Shigeru and Satomi from childish to Sakurakoji favor at the same time. Maya but it has touched (which is wiped with a handkerchief the Maya or place a blanket to Maya, the injury) the kindness of small Hayami the meantime, me and gently thought that their Masumi Hayami of cold-blooded I do not think that. And major incident strikes Maya. Mother will die. Maya was found to result Hayami had been under house arrest the mother, dead mother hate Hayami. By Norie trap Otobe, Maya is standing-up the stage Nomasa a sleeping pill is, I woke up in the hospital to meet Hayami. Maya let out to Hayami. Hayami and taunt mother's dead because of you. "I ...! Do not know how to apologize" I think Maya is to extend the arm Hayami said. And (...? I wonder how to apologize that this is the largest of this person). Maya is important to touch the soul scene of Hayami. Maya can no longer be acting at the mercy of the cowardly way of Norie Otobe is leaving the apartment of large cities. However, there is no place to go. Maya has been struck in the rain on the swings in the park. There, Masumi Hayami will appear. Hayami Tsurekaeru Maya that is no longer the place to go home. Maya fell down a high fever and was struck in the rain knows that the next morning, awakening in the house of Hayami, has been nursed to Masumi Hayami. And Maya is told from the upbringing of Hayami maid.  And that a father. The blood has not been connected.  Two mothers. Are not dead.  That because of the father-in-law inherited the business after three., Was educated thoroughly from childhood. Know that the man drove his mother to death in cold blood, to family is not blessed with surprisingly. It was Maya had the opportunity to touch the soul of Hayami, clear caring Hayami to Maya can no longer acting is not. Hayami earnestly tries to escape hate. In fact, so that the sleep-in at the nursery fled the house of Hayami. However, eventually, Maya was brought back found in Hayami, Hayami in desperate resistance to the hunger strike.Hayami put someone in the last stage because Maya has promised to release capital from large performing arts when served at the end, I want to stand out but gave up the role of a beggar, a this stage. Maya but it will be there too, I mean the employee to theater, eat in a mud pie stage, a result, they awaken to their own instinct of passion, to play. Hayami, but deliver it to the original apartment Maya grabbed the rebound opportunity, at this time, Hayami returns a joyful smile thank Maya. Maya is their smiles, he for the first time to face the soul of Hayami. Maya, be frightened. (I wonder if that smile kindly I ...  I to smile kindly like this person ...) And, as a farewell to Hayami went away by car .... that person will not know from time to time (  whether or not I a good person ....  ...) Why is such a gentle person actually really cool what a person as rumors of the world is confused I think. (Page 176, Volume 17 Hana to Yume Comics) to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" 2. Maya went back to the apartment and return to a normal high school life. There is no contact and Hayami, Maya left the large cities. However, the chance encounter of two people are waiting for. (Page 141, Volume 18 Hana to Yume Comics) Maya, played by the "pirate girl Bianca" one-man show at the high school culture festival. Is a popular play, play will replay at school. Maya is reported to play a replay at school has become Chigusa Tsukikage, visit the Actors Studio. Maya waiting for the Chigusa Tsukikage in the drawing room, meets by chance and Masumi Hayami. Encounter of two people at this time is but a mere greeting degree, has become a hint to follow. I think Maya went to ask the acting Chigusa Tsukikage guidance of the "shower" one-man show in school, to suffer Chigusa suddenly holding the chest, and that was not to recurrence or disease. Maya is full of fears and anxieties while Chigusa Tsukikage see off a taxi home in shaking off the hand of the Maya. (People can ask that the teacher is someone at the Actors Studio ... if) Maya, to call Masumi Hayami. (Hana to Yume Comics Volume 19 page 21) As an aside, here, a chance meeting at the Actors Studio Maya and Hayami earlier come alive. If you have not met by chance, Maya would not know that Hayami is "Grand Poobah" of the Actors Studio. Hayami received a phone call from Maya Maya says. ? "Has been a call to me" Why is the question of Hayami Maya"People can ask that of teacher ......! no one else other than Mr. Hayami,"you answer. Then, ask yourself would I asked the teacher to cold-blooded that important, why. There is a word that Masumi Hayami said after Takamiya woven purple. "You just did not know it yourself". Maya Kitajima also do not know yourself. Maya does not know himself had been to trust the Masumi Hayami unawares. There is actually a human-friendly partner had been prejudiced against a man, but drove his mother to death, Maya is I've known that in the opponent unconscious and reliable enough.

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