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The Reason why Maya Kitajima Loves Masumi Hayami ;) (Page 3)

How to interpret the behavior of the opponent refers to. This is also, I think it is evidence that Hayami attracted to him. If you really hated, shall be interpreted to be a bad attempt to act, no matter how good opponent. Also, if you do not have feelings opponent was, would Kikinagasu. Well, then seeing two people is a scene of meal Masumi Hayami calls the Maya as a man of purple roses. (Preface, Volume 25 Hana to Yume Comics) Masumi Hayami, the cell that may meet the Fujiko Kitashirakawa for Maya not quite grasp the role of Arudisu, who played the previous Arudisu.The Maya also show up in front of their own, and it "Purple Rose of people" will not say yourself. But I go out and meet the people "Purple Rose" Maya, can have Hayami be surprised. "... That the rose-colored dress that suits" at a loss to Hayami called Maya. (It confused me is when the light of the eye is very easy ...... this kind of ...) Maya loss to the kindness of the eyes of Hayami. Are patterned into clear words that represent how the Maya shaking the heart to Hayami. Then seeing two people, after the first day "Princess of two people", is before the dressing room of Maya. (Page 175, Volume 27 Hana to Yume Comics) Maya is a compliment to Hayami, red in the face. I think Maya is that I have already attracted to Hayami. Otherwise, would be red in the face being praised? Will keep the head intact Hayami stroking it? I think Maya is quite attractive to him that he just does not realize what Hayami yourself. Four. Purple Rose of people I meet two people who then is the audience of the theater of "Anna Karenina". (Page 27, Volume 28 Hana to Yume Comics) Masumi Hayami are encouraged from a blind father-in-law.What is your favorite Hayami call with a ticket for "Anna Karenina" to the Maya Maya. Hayami keep holding the hand of Maya Maya which I found as soon as Hayami, tries to run away. Hayami, after seeing the play, Maya took to tea, take a walk, go to the planetarium, then take to a festival fair. This last dinner together. Maya saw the planetarium is moved in the same way as Hayami. I think the size of the universe. I look at the face of Hayami look up a planetarium, and like a boy. Maya cute answer "no" to the words of "Thanks for going out to the memories" of Hayami. Maya are taught that Hayami had come to the planetarium since I was a kid from the planetarium cameraman.Maya feel touches the humanity of Hayami, and different from the image of cold-blooded of Hayami I thought until now. In the fair will look at the mother to piggyback Hayami Find lost children, and I think people do not really warm.Maya had my whistle to Hayami. Hayami also blows his whistle and pick up Maya is blowing. Maya is staring at the figure of Hayami in the whites of the eyes, keep the lips of their own. I think that it is an indirect kiss probably only Maya. Maya is Hayami and settle into the meal, put away in silence. Answer "No" to the question of Hayami "in with me is boring or not" of. I think Maya.(Gentle light dwells in your eye occasionally lonely shade so that the eyes see me? What is is? What is) want to know the feeling of the Mayan Hayami.Hayami was going to say when a man of rose and purple is their own Maya, missing contact that enters Chigusa Tsukikage, Hayami would no longer terms. Hayami and Maya, Maya in a rush back to the apartment. Maya heard and the disappearance of Chigusa Tsukikage, would regret the time spent together with Hayami. Yarikirenasa to the other side to the attack of his own to Hayami. Result, Hayami back without saying anything. After leaving the Hayami, looked up at the night sky was covered in smog, and I think Maya is invisible countless stars in the sky is not visible, the truth. I think it was him and Maya is further attracted to the date of Hayami this planetarium. I think that listening to the story of a child of Hayami, touching humanity, as a result of understanding that was not a child alive, and he was attracted to the soul of Hayami must be in cold blood Hayami. I like the confidence that it is Maya Hayami, has been drawn to page 184, Volume 28 Hana to Yume Comics.Maya was seen walking down the street has it that a woman with Hayami. I think Maya is the other woman and will not show Hayami who rarely smiles.Maya was taught from Mizuki 's opponent matchmaking secretary, shocked.Drawn over 2 pages Maya was shocked, the magnitude of the shock are represented. (What is marriage?! ... Insects work cold-blooded ... That matchmaking) (what happened to him? ... strange me ...) (is in the mind ... suddenly into the cavity like was ... kind of) I of the matter (ーー!) What's the matter on earth is to ask yourself and Maya. What can be said to have this state, and do not like Hayami is Maya, can not say. However, Maya does not know himself. Their own and I do not think I like Hayami as the opposite sex.In addition, the expression says Maya like the Hayami continues. (Page 34, Volume 29 Hana to Yume Comics) Read that in the dressing room, that might Hayami engagement listed in the weekly magazine, but Maya is going to be that much appeared in "the forgotten wilderness." Maya tries to ascertain Call the Hayami, whether it is a blind Hayami, can not say. The question of "? Why have something to say to me something" in Hayami "! happy us!" No Turning off the phone said. Town we drove out of the phone box (! something like that guy that cares not) think. We say and do not like Hayami is Maya in this depiction. Maya is a course I like the Hayami. In addition, the expression says Maya like the Hayami continues. (Page 171, Volume 29 Hana to Yume Comics) Maya and After parting St., Hayami and chance to meet in the parking lot. And ask Maya what was blind to Hayami. I heard that the individual actively Hayami Hayami is Maya This is going to be the first time.Shocked to hear it called "I'm very friendly person patience," the other woman is Hayami. Mayan revealing childish jealousy. Maya have had to fall in love with Hayami. Hayami, Maya remembered the girl during the rehearsals of the wolf, (! 's not the enemy of my mother) omission ...! (like that guy I hate)I think. Maya does not have to admit their feelings while Hayami attracted to him. After this, Hana to Yume Comics , Volume 40 page 30 and Masumi Hayami wolf girl Jane from page 19 page 124 page 180, Volume 31 page 96 continuation of Jane and Masumi Hayami, Volume 32 Intro wolf girl , and page 154, Volume 32 "The Forgotten Maya comes into aggressive action against Hayami first time in the "wilderness. I wipe the wet hair with a scarf of blue Hayami. Is a feat since Sashikake the umbrella of strawberries to Hayami. Umbrella of the last strawberry, whereas the mere kindness, this behavior is an expression of affection more aggressive. Also, Maya is speculation the feelings of Hayami. Let's sort the scene. Maya to parting is Hayami go out on a date with woven purple entrance to the building of the performing arts Daito on page 62, Volume 30 "to go to the planetarium is the end. I go the other will not have it went with you," called. I think Maya would mean copper. Volume 32 page 168 I think Maya Mon hall of typhoon rain left and what came in the typhoon why Hayami. Why do you ... so much it makes in a storm of roads are closed) abbreviation ((  you ruthless like to sacrifice for the mother of work ... I  know that I) stands (hate that you should have !) San Hayami? Why Volume 33 page 114 in the surgery of Chigusa Tsukikage, Hayami pass the coffee. Maya is the anger in words and deeds of exposure to Hayami, Hayami I think of "sadness is still better than anger is more" in the words of, I wonder and comfort me. We know that people "Purple Rose" is 33 volumes and Masumi Hayami last. Maya, I think that Hayami also hated myself because I have hated yourself. Hayami attracted to him while I think, that guy like that, and if cares. The reason they hated the Hayami, was because I thought that human and inhuman, such as the mother of me to sacrifice for the job, and're a bad person. Hayami was "Purple Rose of people" gave their support to hide the name, however many years. Who was really warm. Hayami why he hates the Maya died. Maya and I think that was like kind of like dating Recall the day went to the planetarium. (Page 171, Volume 29 Hana to Yume Comics) Maya is convinced that "people of the Purple Rose" is to go back to the Hayami Hayami picked up a pen in front of the mother. (Unknown) number (page 34, Volume late) fall in love with Maya.To make love with Hayami. 've Written above, at length, tried to pick out the process to go Maya Kitajima Masumi Hayami attracted to him. Kitajima Maya, probably went to know him little by little attracted to Hayami Hayami humanity over a long period of time. So he did not know Maya. To be had to fall in love with yourself Hayami. Love, and feelings and to Hayami which I found as soon as people "Purple Rose" is Hayamizu, Hayami reason hate is gone I think the important "human Purple Rose" is full of sincere love for the first time Hayami I think I was aware of that can. In addition, Masumi Hayami reason Maya loved the North Island, are written in monologue page 115, Volume 33, Hayami. (It has been attracted to that girl is me now ... I found that soul) "until the process of one single soul was divided into two mutually attracted love" theme of the third, the words of the Hayami are expressed is.Is it continues after this, Maya, and to encounter the soul after in love with Hayami Hayami noticed and a man of purple rose, after a meeting in the shrine office, Volume 41, saw the drama of fairy red. Soul of one state was divided into two will become one has been portrayed in fantasy. Tried to verify the above, "Why Kitajima Maya loved Masumi Hayami." Some people because he knew some people, it had fallen in love with Maya, and it is Hayami people "Purple Rose" is Hayami. Maya and because he fell in love with handsome rich Hayami, but there are people who say the Maya as snob, to recommend that such people re-read again. Be nice if they found Maya and he was attracted to him the soul of Hayami. Thank you for reading. Such as impression, I am pleased if it is possible. To "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Maya went back to the apartment and return to a normal high school life. There is no contact and Hayami, Maya left the large cities. However, the chance encounter of two people are waiting for. (Page 141, Volume 18 Hana to Yume Comics) Maya, played by the "pirate girl Bianca" one-man show at the high school culture festival. Is a popular play, play will replay at school. Maya is reported to play a replay at school has become Chigusa Tsukikage, visit the Actors Studio. Maya waiting for the Chigusa Tsukikage in the drawing room, meets by chance and Masumi Hayami. Encounter of two people at this time is but a mere greeting degree, has become a hint to follow. I think Maya went to ask the acting Chigusa Tsukikage guidance of the "shower" one-man show in school, to suffer Chigusa suddenly holding the chest, and that was not to recurrence or disease. Maya is full of fears and anxieties while Chigusa Tsukikage see off a taxi home in shaking off the hand of the Maya. (People can ask that the teacher is someone at the Actors Studio ... if) Maya, to call Masumi Hayami.(Hana to Yume Comics Volume 19 page 21) As an aside, here, a chance meeting at the Actors Studio Maya and Hayami earlier come alive. If you have not met by chance, Maya would not know that Hayami is "Grand Poobah" of the Actors Studio. Hayami received a phone call from Maya Maya says. ? "Has been a call to me" Why is the question of Hayami Maya "People can ask that of teacher ......! no one else other than Mr. Hayami," you answer. Then, ask yourself would I asked the teacher to cold-blooded that important, why.There is a word that Masumi Hayami said after Takamiya woven purple. "You just did not know it yourself". Maya Kitajima also do not know yourself. Maya does not know himself had been to trust the Masumi Hayami unawares. There is actually a human-friendly partner had been prejudiced against a man, but drove his mother to death, Maya is I've known that in the opponent unconscious and reliable enough. Hayami, Maya and then have to encounter is a day of snow. (Hana to Yume Comics Volume 19 page 147) was asked to Hayami as Maya, have to take care of Tsukikage Chigusa. Let the doctor diagnose the variety of flowering plants, have contacted the secretary to the results using Maya Mizuki. Such an occasion, there is a snowy day, Hayami meet you're going to walk to the hotel near the car engine has failed. Maya is a good and honest man. You honestly trying to help and see a human in need. Hold an umbrella over his strawberry Hayami Maya does not have an umbrella. Maya had hated Hayami, Hayami not be overlooked the plight of listening to me (ask for wanting to take care of Tsukikage Chigusa) favor.

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