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The Reason why Maya Kitajima Loves Masumi Hayami ;) (Page 4)

It is to hold an umbrella over the strawberry Hayami and to hear the request and thanked me. Maya and Hayami, begin to walk the road of snow under one umbrella. I think Maya is like a different person to Hayami Hayami words "snow is like" that. However, Maya was mistaken for a couple of drunk Hayami from passing is, and tries to cross over running the signal was cut.That moment, the signal changes to red. Hayami catch in one's arms grabbed the arm of the Maya. Maya, I think (big hands ...! ...! Warm) and the hand of Hayami. Signal changes to blue, while Maya is a little blush on the cheek, shook off the hand signals across the Hayami. Maya is upset. I think that somehow his own warm hand of Hayami and I thought that the enemy thought of my mother. I think Maya is the first time here, and whether that was not aware of Hayami as the opposite sex. Hayami, Maya and I will meet next, it's time to show to Maya Hayami is the "Juliet" of Ayumi Himekawa, came to pick an underground theater in Maya. (Comics on page 51, Volume 20 Hana to Yume) At this time, the Maya during, "Juliet" shocked about not standing in the splendor of the "Juliet" of Ayumi Himekawa has been performed, the arm of Hayami they leaning. Hayami is the presence of the same state as mere pillar for the Maya. First thing you notice is that he had been leaning on the arm of Hayami Hayami throughout the stage were talking to end the stage. After this, but take me to get Maya to the original Hayami Chigusa Tsukikage, could not care less that of Hayami. Much of the splendor of Ayumi Himekawa, it would be earnestly to the difference between the depressed yourself. Well, As an aside, I met with Chigusa Tsukikage Hayami here is not enough to hear one and Maya from Chigusa Tsukikage is confidence and fighting spirit. After this, stir the fighting spirit of Hayami for Maya, Maya can not have support from the shadows of a shy and self-esteem as a "person of Purple Rose" On the other hand play the bad guy. So to speak, I think as I did for two people in the role of a coach and Todo's the role of Munakata! "Aim for the Ace". I will return to the original story. Hayami, Maya and then seeing that, but he announced Venue Arts Festival Academy Awards, Hayami is mere existence, such as walking dictionary for Maya at this time also. (Page 133, Volume 20 Hana to Yume Comics) because, Maya is told to be eliminated from consideration because the lead actress of the Red Fairy If you do not take the acting award for Best Film Award or within two years from Chigusa Tsukikage. Hayami to afford to consciousness the soul of Maya is not. Hayami is then to meet Maya, it was when Hayami came to the outdoor theater. (Page 96, Volume 21 Hana to Yume Comics) Maya will participate in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" a joint performance troupe and the Unicorn moonlight. Instead of the usual underground theater, performance tries to borrow the "Athens seat" Hall of 500 seats enough, they refused to manager. When I saw that Maya was near the open-air theater of Athens seat happened, Maya is a flash it. And appropriate to the stage of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Only open-air theater. We rented a Maya Open Air Theatre, and are practicing hard, sarcastic manager of the seat will visit Athens. The manager, "You'd do me a seat even if Athens, every day, you guys were collected when the number of seats an audience of more than the seat of Athens" and tell. Masumi Hayami appears there. Hayami is to teach the ropes of this promise becomes a witness, to head a successful play. Maya sees Hayami to wonder at his advice to head without ulterior motive. Hayami says that the real intention is also to Maya at this time. "You can ...... peace of mind" around the "I" because I just like that raccoon dog smile to hide the true feelings Maya have seen such a face surprised the Hayami. Hayami invites Maya forcibly to the boat. Fishing in the Maya story of moonlight, Hayami put on the boat to the huggy Maya princess is wonderful. In the work of "Glass Mask" Hayami appeared in a scene of open-air theater, or would not be a cool scene most of Masumi Hayami? Two people who will talk on the boat. Maya at first, but angry that it has been put on the pace of Hayami, that anger does not last long. They can of red fairy, and that of the College of Maya speaking. Maya speaks of his dream to Hayami. Would like to invite the people of rose purple when you hear the Grand Theatre could go someday.Hayami, tries to say it is a purple rose of their own people that want to meet Maya someday, eventually, do not say that. Silence falls between two people here. I think Maya. Mr. Hayami would say what it was subjected. But drove the enemy to death the mother of the troupe ... I crush the moonlight, ( we speak here is why I ...? would not have this person on the boat and theshore? does he is so the story continues but close) is pounding the scene to have been painted like him to go gently into Hayami attractive of the opposite sex as a woman Maya, also read many times. Hayami says. "I have dazzling sunlight" picture ", ...!" Yes "is filled with light pond reflects the sun in the sky... and I thing is so dazzling sunlight is " Yes "..." (...! is dazzling sunlight) the Hayami innocent depiction of the Maya were aware of only a little. As an aside, I have thought it Hayami called "dazzling" is before the dear girl, and what is lacking or is not the glare of the sun and her glare. Glare young woman who has turned around. Woman longing to feel like men. Longing. I feel like being put in the "bright" lines of Hayami is such a desire. Hayami, Maya and I will meet next, immediately after the first day of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", a person standing with a donation boxes Maya. (Page 89, Volume 22 Hana to Yume Comics) Maya thinks, and I want you to put a human voice from the Purple Rose. However, it is me calling out anyone.Maya moved to tears. Hayami appears there. "... I have improved (short) was a very nice pack was (almost) have done well with the lively" , and go away to donate a large sum of money. I think Maya, and told me I wonder if people like this Purple Rose. I think maybe Maya, Hayami and might be a good person. However, I think at that time, or what will come to forgive the words of our reporters were heard, and must have surely have something up one's sleeve. I also think I would have told me is, if people rose purple on the other hand, ... "and that progress was not very nice pack was lively and have done well." I think Maya might be a good person and hate the Hayami while, maybe. Shaken by the behavior of Hayami heart of Maya has been drawn.Three. Until the final day "Princess of two people" Well, Maya was somehow aware Hayami, they are no longer have Hayami, Maya is soon forget the presence of Hayami. And, as was the moonlight and the Unicorn Theatre has come from the seat Athens appearance request, it is necessary to fund 300 million. Metropolitan large entertainment lend a helping hand to them without much money. Maya is going to be taught to make sure there are no ulterior motive in this plan to Masumi Hayami, Maya only has been removed from the plan from Hayami. I thought Maya was not really a good person may Hayami, at once to recall the original words and deeds of hatred Hayami. As an aside Well, I think that Hayami and have fueled the fighting spirit in the thankless role of Maya Tesshi. Are missing in the Maya were talking about Chigusa Tsukikage, confidence and fighting spirit. Hayami is it that fueled the fighting spirit of the Maya become a hatchet man for the love of the Maya. Also, I have thought it was appeared to be Ayumi Himekawa to "Princess of two people" is or is not Hayami. The name of the president's office because it belongs to Ayumi Himekawa, it would be easy enough. And do not think I was also in anticipation of said opponent from screenplay "Princess of two people", with a force equivalent to acting Ayumi Himekawa may be required. I think that Hayami as secretly orchestrated so that the candidate for "Red Fairy" is Maya. Because, say things will not play the revenge be accustomed to stage a "Red Fairy" in large cities, and pick up the "Red Fairy" from the father-in-law.Stand on the stage or how the Maya could not most? Hayami and I think I thought that was not me standing on the stage once, and would grab a foothold to the next stage of her acting skills. Maya was told that Chigusa Tsukikage Himekawa History and co-starred in the theater to Emperor Sun "Princess of two people" from Hayami, Emperor Sun go to the theater. Maya is a beautiful shoot dead, the role of Ayumi Himekawa opponent auditioned for the "Princess of two people." And Maya was angry the (treatment that is separated from fellow troupe) treatment received from Masumi Hayami, Masaru Hayami said to go to that passed the audition. (Page 16, Volume 24 Hana to Yume Comics) The location is just outside of a party, Hayami was present. Maya is a loud rattle on towards Hayami. I say something to you not crushed coconut, hang in there, and you'll look back someday. Think that Maya is trying to crush the Hayami own. However, two Hayami ordered a glass of champagne, one passes the Maya, "a toast to pray the appearance of the Maya say" Happy decision appeared "Princess of two people." Maya stunned to see the Hayami as drinking a glass of champagne, the usual confusion that appears. This man was trying to crush me, and me to celebrate it, why. In addition, this scene is a wonderful scene stand out is smart of Hayami. Hayami says to invite to the first day of the Maya drank a glass of champagne. Maya at this time, are burning as usual hostility to Hayami.Hayami says. "If I Give the roses you only desire If you're acting was moved by me" ...? "only hope ... the flower of the" rose Hayami Approaching the Maya.And then hunched over to say shorty is Hayami Maya Maya tall cornered against the wall. "It is Masumi Hayami this performing arts large cities also sothis is it'll get good publicity I would place a glance to you also the theaterwould pay attention to you much of the media, " Hayami hold much the wrist of the Maya even "You are the next ... "Standing on the stage tends to say.Maya is surprised by the behavior of Hayami. I can not hide the confusion probably give you the worry of the next stage of me, why is this man that I thought should I have Tsuburere. Hayami handsome face was in the shadow of the light is approaching the Maya. Maya will be noticed that in the hands of the wrist, blushing going on in Innovation. Maya and talk back "...! The show serves as the stage Do not complain about something you said" for the back to shake off the hand of Hayami Hayami. I hear that there is no better story that Hayami was dating women, I think as long as this view the scene, and are accustomed to treat the woman. Compliment your opponent to drink alcohol, still looking in the eyes. I wonder if a woman like this trickling When this handsome man, not feel like having sex? I also think Maya Kitajima, and he was attracted to him involuntarily Hayami. It has appeared in the state of the Maya to refute Hayami to have their backs to the Hayami mouth your hands while blushing. (Page 14, Volume 24 comics) then seeing two people is when Maya is desperately trying to grab the role of Ayumi Himekawa Arudisu replacement and life. (Page 134, Volume 24 Hana to Yume Comics) will meet at the residence of Hayami Himekawa return and went to see Aya Ayumi in place of the state of underground theater Ayumi Ayumi's mother asked, to Utako, and Maya. Hayami, Maya is heard playing the piano (Schumann's Traumerei) is this person I think I like this beautiful song. At this time, Maya and Hayami is a joke around terms such as comic dialogue. Hatred will always be revealing, even to Hayami and Ball is not so bright personality will have to be gentle Maya should have a hate hate Hayami, but is originally shy.Whereas I think Hayami said, "I just play this song right now," said Maya, and I like this song but Hayami. How to interpret the behavior of the opponent refers to. This is also, I think it is evidence that Hayami attracted to him. If you really hated, shall be interpreted to be a bad attempt to act, no matter how good opponent. Also, if you do not have feelings opponent was, would Kikinagasu. Well, then seeing two people is a scene of meal Masumi Hayami calls the Maya as a man of purple roses.

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